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Jay Shatnawi discovered magic for the first time on television when he was 11 years old. Ever since then, he has been fascinated by it. Magic has become his life. From the moment Jay discovered it, his time has been consumed learning how to master the skill. To Jay, magic is more than just “tricks.” Magic is a feeling. It’s an escape from reality, believing anything is possible, and having fun! Jay is always trying to give everyone he encounters that same feeling of wonder and astonishment he felt when he first saw magic as an 11-year-old-boy. In his shows, you are not just getting a magic show. You are getting an EXPERIENCE! Jay is always looking forward to his next performance, to be able to captivate his audiences and create memories they will never forget!

Quotes & Testimonials

"I’ve seen Jay perform his magic for almost 10 years. Each time, he raises the bar and never does the same thing twice. I can say with confidence he will blow your mind!"

- Tim Murphy

"I’ve seen Jay perform probably over fifteen times now, and he continues to blow me away with his creativity, skill and showmanship."

- Kimberly DeFors

"Jay's magic leaves me speechless every time. It's one of those things you don't get to see everyday. He's incredibly gifted."

- Ashley Camara

"If you’re looking to be wowed look no further, Jay Shatnawi is your guy! Not only is his magic incredible, but his comedic undertone really sets him apart from the rest of his competitors. I’ve never met anyone more dedicated to their craft than Jay. Great personality and even better dude. Definitely book Jay!"

- Mike Campbell

"What started as a childhood passion has evolved into an an amazing display of stretching the imagination. Jay loves magic and when he performs you can’t help but feel that very passion yourself."

- Jordan S.

Jay’s magic gave me the wow factor when watching videos online but it is truly electric to watch live in person. 

- Drew Valez

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